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Discover the world of Silvan skin care

My beauty routine in quarantine consists of: Morning and evening face care, which starts with washing with Silvan soap based on tea tree and activated charcoal...

Petra Nižetić Mastelić


Having the opportunity to discover the world of Silvan cosmetics was a real privilege for me. Using these soaps for the last few months was like embarking on a journey of discovery and knowledge of a magical, mysterious world, certainly far from ours, but at the same time extremely attractive.

Tina Panico, 

Italian beautyblogger @misspurpurea

The team from Silvan sent us several products to try. We agreed to write a review IF we like the products. After a month of testing, we can say with certainty - we love Silvan products! We've even gotten a few compliments on how clean our skin has been since using them.

@wastefreeplanet - Australian Ig page with over 500k followers

As for beauty routines, I pay particular attention to facial care. I try to use only natural and organic cosmetics, and I love discovering new brands. I'm currently using Silvan Black&Pure soap to clean my face.

Ema Vlatković

for Gloria Glam

I immediately fell in love with this extraordinary brand, mostly because of its concept, which found its inspiration in heritage. When the package of SILVAN cosmetics arrived at my house, I immediately gained the perception that this is quality cosmetics, that everything I read on their website is not emphasized by the usual marketing strategies, but is real and, above all, tangible. All packaged with care and simplicity, scents that screamed nature wafted around as I opened the package.

Angelica Cappadonna,


beauty blogger


I use Black&Pure for my face and I am very satisfied. Sea salt soap is great for me when I'm exfoliating my hands. Basically, I'm very satisfied. I didn't use hard soaps before, but I got used to them and now I kind of prefer them. It is interesting that no matter how many times you use them, they last a very long time, you can really see the quality!

Leona Lončar

IG @leonin.ormar

TikTok @loncarleona 

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