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Coffee to GrOw, body scrub soap

Coffee to GrOw, body scrub soap


Coffee to GO and something to grow.



    (29.90 HRK)

    • Coffee to GrOw soap, a deluxe shower soap, is a novelty in our offer. Its main ingredient, coffee, is present in two forms: the liquid one, without which most of us cannot imagine a day, and in the form of coffee beans, which are particularly important in the role of exfoliation and have cellulite reduction properties.
    • In order to ensure the highest standard of the coffee we use, and therefore the most effective active properties, the Coffee to GrOw soap was made in cooperation with Franck dd - a company that has been a synonym for a quality coffee in Croatia for more than 130 years
    • The sweet orange essential oil puts the finishing touch on this soap, whose aromatic notes blend perfectly with the scent of coffee.
    • Vegan
    • 60 g

    The packaging of each product is made of biodegradable paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Plant the whole package and grow your own flowers.

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