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Silvan - cosmetics with packaging that turns into flowers!

Dedicated to a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle, we are introducing innovative packaging — you can plant the paper and watch it grow into beautiful wildflowers. Zero waste doesn’t get much prettier, healthier or better than this!

tradition and return to nature

Inspired by the lives and culture of our ancestors. Reclaiming their connection to nature. Determined to create a sustainable future for us all.

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High-quality skin care products wrapped in an extraordinary story!

In 2019, in the British edition of Vogue magazine, Silvan's products were listed as recommended skin care as part of Vogue's Beauty Secrets campaign.


silva - Latin, forest

Sylvanus - Latin, deity of woods and uncultivated lands

Under this same sky, several thousand years before we were born, thrived the ancient Illyrians.

Silvan was also celebrated as the protector of the herds, and thus often portrayed with horns. We have subtly woven this association through our logo (the letter V). 

Since Silvanus was most worshipped by shepherds, his shrines are often found outdoors - sub divo (under the stars).

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